Sewer Line Repair Service

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Valid Through 12/31/2019
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Sewer Line & Backflow Valve Repair and Replacement

Sewer cleaning. A plumber uses a sewer snake to clean blockage in a sewer line.

Many believe that sewer lines that extend from your home are not your responsibility. It is tempting to believe that sewage line issues are covered by your water bill, or taxes you pay to the city. In almost every city, however, if the problem is on your property, it is your responsibility.

Left unattended, a malfunctioning or broken sewer line can get you the wrong kind of attention. More importantly, it can become a serious health hazard for your family.

Why Do Sewage Lines Fail?

Sewage lines can crack or fail for many reasons. Many lines were laid decades ago and simply deteriorate over time. Roots can wreak havoc on even the sturdiest of sewage lines. Digging, water erosion, poor initial workmanship and other factors can all lead to sewage line issues.

Sewage Line Repair and Replacement

If you feel you have a sewage line problem, do not despair. Duron Smith A/C & Heat provides fast, professional sewer line repair and replacement.

Having a well-functioning sewer line is important. It keeps waste flowing smoothly away from your home, and prevents messy situations in your yard and on your property. If you have ever had a degraded sewer line, you know how frustrating and unpleasant it can be.

Are you concerned that your sewage line has a problem? Call Duron Smith A/C & Heat today at (321) 452-3553. Our friendly service team will get a trained and experienced technician to your home quickly to assess your situation. Your technician will explain to you the situation, and in most cases provide an immediate estimate on the cost of repair.

In many cases, Duron Smith A/C & Heat can repair your sewage line in 24-48 hours. Your new sewage line will then flush waste away efficiently from your home for years to come.

Backflow Prevention Valve Inspection and Replacement Service

Another common issue that is closely associated with a cracked or broken sewage line is a malfunctioning backflow prevention valve. Similar to the valve in your esophagus that prevents food and water from coming back up, a sewage or water line backflow valve prevents waste and waste water from returning to your home.

Have you noticed a foul odor in your home, especially around the kitchen sink, bath and shower, dishwasher or other areas? You may have a backflow valve issues. For similar reasons to a broken or cracked sewage line, a poorly or malfunctioning backflow valve can cause health issues for your family.

You don’t have to live with a poorly functioning backflow valve. Duron Smith A/C & Heat can take care of the situation quickly and professionally, often within 24 hours.


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