Mini-Split A/C Systems


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Mini-Split A/C Systems in Melbourne, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Mini-Split A/C Systems

Mini-Split Systems by Duron Smith A/C & Heat

Ductless mini-split a/c systems present useful and exciting alternatives to traditional air conditioning systems. As opposed to merely pumping air through a ventilation system, ductless air conditioning systems feature several small handlers in each room of your home that are powered by a condenser outside the building. This allows refrigerant, pumped through copper piping lines from your condenser, to be moved throughout your home and create a more thorough and all-encompassing cool for your entire household.

The Benefits of a Mini-split Air Conditioning System

As an alternative to standard and traditional AC systems, ductless air conditioner systems offer a wide array of benefits and advantages over the old style of home cooling solutions. With zoned air conditioning, each room can have its own climate control temperature settings, while other, used rooms can remain either dormant or inactive, according to their thermostat settings.

The Ease of Installing Ductless AC Systems

Ductless air conditioning systems create simple and straightforward installation solutions for homeowners, especially when they’re installed by trustworthy, qualified, and professional contractors like our team are Duron Smith A/C & Heat.

Our highly-trained and knowledgeable air conditioner specialists can properly prepare and drill the conduit hole, precisely according to the needs of your home, all to efficiently and economically cool your home with minimal evasiveness and intrusion to it during your ductless installation.

Our technicians will also assess the correct size of your ductless air conditioner to properly install the appropriate lengths and tonnage of the system. This is to ensure energy conservation and use, all while efficiently cooling the room for maximum comfort and luxury.

Why You Should Invest In a Ductless Air Conditioning System

Not only can a ductless air conditioning system create a more evenly-cooled and comfortable household for you and your loved ones, but it can also save you money from its energy efficiency. Saving energy is ideal for your wallet, but also for the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint and having less of an impact on mother nature can create green solutions to home cooling and allow for increased value and savings through ductless technology.

At Duron Smith A/C & Heat, we proudly offer our ductless air conditioning solutions for our customers, all to keep them cool comfortable and content during our area’s oppressive summer months.

To schedule a consultation for ductless air conditioning, or for information on our other services, call us at (321) 452-3553 today!

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