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Heat Pump Repair & Installation in Melbourne, FL Area

Daikin Heat Pump

What Is a Heat Pump System, and Why Do I Need One?

Heat pumps offer an innovative alternative to central heating and cooling systems. Although they have heat in their title, heat pumps provide both heating and cooling for your home. By “pumping” heat into or out of your house depending on the season, heat pumps help homeowners use less electricity. Not only will you see energy savings on your monthly bills, but you’ll also feel better about your impact on the environment by adopting a greener way of living without a reliance on fuel. If you’re looking for a fresh approach to home comfort in the humid Florida climate, Duron Smith A/C & Heat can help you explore how a heat pump system may be your best bet.

If you already have a heat pump in your home, we also provide regular heat pump maintenance visits that include thorough inspections and adjustments to help your system maintain optimum efficiency. We recommend a tune-up for your heat pump at least once a year. If your heat pump isn’t performing as it should, we can also provide prompt repair services. We understand the importance of efficient heating and cooling for your home. That’s why we offer same-day appointments for heat pump repair and installation in Melbourne, FL and surrounding areas, including Tampa, Palm Bay, Malabar, Cocoa Beach, and Sebastian. No matter the issue, we’ll get you up and running again in no time!

How a Heat Pump System Works to Keep You Comfortable

Instead of generating heat the way a standard furnace would, heat pumps transfer heat. During the hot and humid months, a heat pump system pulls heat from the air inside your home and pushes it outside. During the cooler months, this function is reversed, as the heat pump pulls warmth from the air outside. Although a heat pump may have to work harder the colder the outside air gets, this isn’t much of an issue in the Florida climate. Today’s heat pump systems are available both with and without ducts.

From Ductless Heat Pumps to Geothermal Heat Pumps, We Do It All

Daikin AC RepairDuctless heat pumps allow you to move away from some of the inefficiencies of ductwork to heat and cool your home with a direct connection between indoor and outdoor units. A ductless mini-split heat pump allows you to control various HVAC zones inside your home, heating or cooling only the rooms you spend the most time in to reduce your energy consumption. A geothermal heat pump transfers heat in the form of energy to and from the ground. The heat is usually absorbed from the ground through a water solution found in your pipes. For the ultimate in energy-efficiency, many homeowners combine a geothermal heat pump with a hydronic radiant floor heating system.

Distinguishing Between Heat Pump Repair vs. Replacement

Even with proper maintenance, heat pumps aren’t invincible. Eventually, you’ll probably need to call upon Duron Smith A/C & Heat for a heat pump repair or replacement in the Melbourne, FL area. If your heat pump is over 15 years old, it’s likely time for a replacement. Here are some signs that your heat pump could benefit from some professional attention:

  • Mechanical Moans and Groans – Your heat pump should never make a lot of noise. If you’ve heard rattling or groaning noises coming from your heat pump system, call our technicians right away for an inspection. Depending on the extent of your issue, it may be time for a replacement.
  • Increased Electrical Bills – If your heat pump is past its prime and is need of a repair or replacement, you’ll likely notice an increase in your energy consumption.
  • No Heat or Reduced Heat – If you’ve noticed any inconsistencies in temperatures throughout your home or a reduction in heat, you may need a heat pump repair.
  • Switches On and Off – Have you noticed your heat pump cycling on and off with increasing frequency? There could be dirt build-up inside your system, preventing its airflow, or you could have a faulty heat pump thermostat. Either way, you should give us a call for an expert evaluation. You could also have a refrigerant leak, which could be hazardous to your health.

Heat Pump Sales: What Size of Heat Pump Do I Need?

The size of your home generally dictates the size of the heat pump we recommend. If you own a larger house and are interested in only heating or cooling the rooms that see the most use, we may suggest a ductless mini-split heat pump to give you better climate control. They’re also ideal for home renovations that may not already have existing ductwork. Oversizing or undersizing your home’s heat pump water heater leads to inefficiencies and shorter lifespans on average. To protect your investment and get the best heat pump system for your home, we recommend giving our HVAC experts a call. We’ll not only provide you with a sizing estimate, but we’re also experienced with heat pump installation and ongoing maintenance to ensure you’re satisfied with your system for many years to come.

Why Choose Duron Smith A/C & Heat in Melbourne, FL?

Duron Smith A/C Heat was built on the key principle of providing exceptional customer service. In business since 1995, we strive to make sure your experience with our HVAC technicians is always a pleasant one. We’re a family-oriented heat pump company in Melbourne, FL that employs local team members who are familiar with the communities we serve. We treat everyone on our staff with the utmost respect and professionalism, and then they pass those values on to you.

We know you have your choice of HVAC companies in the Melbourne area. We consider it a great privilege to be invited into your home to assist with your heating and cooling needs, including heat pump repair and installation. Melbourne-area homeowners count on us to keep them comfortable year-round. Whether you live in Tampa, Cocoa Beach, or the Palm Shores area, we encourage you to give us a call to schedule your heat pump service today!

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