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A/C Repair in Melbourne, FL and Surrounding Areas

AC Repair

A/C Repair

All AC units require regular inspection and maintenance. While quality air conditioning systems are very reliable, they are mechanical and can require repair or replacement. This is especially true with older systems, and for those that experience harsh weather, routine DIY maintenance may not be enough to get you’re AC system operating correctly. A more intensive repair service call may be necessary to restore you’re AC system to its original and proper working condition. This is where Duron Smith AC & Heat comes in! From the installation of a new system to full-service AC repair and inspection, we at Duron Smith AC & Heat are your one stop shop for getting your cooling system running for your home and keeping it that way.

Quality A/C Inspections

Whether you are purchasing an older home or are have lived with the same unit for years, there are plenty of occasions where you may need a specialty inspection for your air conditioning system. Generally, it is recommended to get your air conditioning equipment inspected and cleaned once a year.

An improperly functioning air conditioning unit might not only be a hazard to your home’s structure, but it can also be a health hazard in hot summer months, when heat stroke and dehydration are a serious risk.

Having your system inspected regularly is an excellent way to avoid many costly repairs down the line to both your air conditioning system and home structure. Heat and humidity are known to cause warping to your roofing and home foundation. That’s not even considering the time, energy, and frustration that comes with trying to fit a major home repair into your busy life.

Avoid a larger headache down the line and keep your peace of mind by getting you’re AC unit inspected regularly, or when you believe there may be an issue, and identify when you may need a repair before it’s too late. Our detailed inspections will diagnose and quickly develop a solution for your needs to keep your unit operating at full capacity.

AC Repair Service by US Heating & Air Orlando in Central Florida

Do You Need Your Air Conditioning System Repaired?

If your Air Conditioning system requires repair, chances are it is already hot and humid outside, and you need service quickly. Signs that you may need to repair or replace your A/C unit are increasing energy bills, lack of cool airflow, and more frequent breakdowns.

Specific repairs can include fixing refrigerator leaks, issues with your air handler, evaporator coil, broken belts, malfunctioning fans, sensor problems, corroded wires, and a host of other problems and issues. All these problems can prevent your AC system from functioning properly. Left unrepaired, your AC system can stop completely. Fortunately, our expert technicians can repair even the most worn and damaged systems. At Duron Smith AC & Heat, we understand how important it is to have a properly operating AC system. That’s why our team of friendly professionals is ready to repair your system on short notice.

For all your AC inspection and repair needs, call Duron Smith AC & Heat today for a free quote and to schedule a quick repair for your system.

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