Air Duct Sealing and Repair


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Air Duct Repair in Melbourne, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Air Duct Repair and Sealing

Your ductwork system is a very integral part of your home. In summer it moves cold air throughout the house, keeping your family cool and comfortable, as it does in the winter, but with warm, toasty air. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners may not realize their heating & cooling system may not be running efficiently, due to an improperly sized duct system or even worse a leaking duct system. Even with a brand new high efficient system installed, you can’t maximize the full potential of your system if the duct system is not properly sized or sealed. That’s where Duron Smith A/C & Heat comes in. We understand the importance of a properly sealed and smooth running air duct system to not only save our customers from sky-high utility bills but also to keep you and your family comfortable year round.

If your heating or cooling system just hasn’t seemed to be running up to par, you may be in need of air duct repair. Give Duron Smith A/C & Heat a call today to schedule an appointment at 321-452-3553.

When to Repair Your Air Ducts

Air ducts are hidden in the attic, walls or floors of your home; therefore it can be difficult to determine if they are working optimally. However, there are signs that your air ducts may need a little TLC. If you notice any of the following issues, contact one of our professional HVAC technicians right away so we can resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Uneven Cooling/Heating

Do you notice while walking through your home that some rooms are warmer or colder than others? Uneven heating/cooling is usually a sign that your air ducts may be in need of a repair.

Low Air Flow

If your home is experiencing a low flow of air coming out of the vent system, this could definitely be a cause for concern. Low air flow could mean your air ducts are cracked, crushed or disconnected. Whatever the issue may be Duron Smith A/C & Heat has a solution.

Old Age

Old and worn out ductwork can cause several problems in your home and should be inspected, repaired or replaced every 10 to 20 years. If you aren’t sure how old (or new) your ductwork is, Duron Smith A/C & Heat can check your ducts and give you a free estimate on a repair or replacement.

These are just some common signs that something could be wrong with your home’s ductwork. Schedule your ductwork repair today with Duron Smith A/C & Heat by calling us at phone today.

How Do I Benefit from Air Duct Repair?

The benefits of air duct repair from Duron Smith A/C & Heat are great. First, and possibly most importantly, there can be a significant increase and improvement of air quality. This is also paired with an improvement of air flow, which in turn can lead to lower energy bills and an increased life expectancy of your air conditioning system.

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