Take a look at some success stories!

A recent customer was referred to us by a family member who had 8 years ago built their custom home. The Mrs. Of the home had been trying to address some concerns about not cooling well on the master bedroom side of the home and also not cooling to temperature during the summer days.

The previous contractor and the original installer was called on several occasions with no resolve. During the heat of the summer last year the blower failed and the contractor changed out the (Bad) air handler with a 10 year old used one (in brand new condition) Oh yeah without pulling a permit! Mostly because code does not allow this. So as we move forward guess what it works even worse than before due to mismatched equipment. When they brought this up the contractor said the condenser was bad now. So he proposed changing the condenser and did so without a permit again because code does not allow this. Now we still have mismatched equipment and does not work as well as the other old mismatch.

Now we are called in!!! After checking the current system operations and duct work sizing we found that we could resolve the air flow concerns and match a new Carrier system for them and they accepted our proposal. 1 week after the install was completed the building department passed the inspection and compliment the install (we pulled a permit) and the Mrs. Of the home called us and said she had never been so comfortable in her home since it was built which makes the Mr. of the home happy!

6 months later after we spent a day in court with the customers and the other contractor the customer was awarded their money back for the air handler (used) and the new condenser.
Now we have a customer for life!